ARC Premium MIG Welding Gloves

Glove Safety Features


Dexterity Level 3

Dexterity is the tactile sensitivity (or exibility) of a glove. In general, the thinner the glove, the more dexterity it has and the easier small objects are handled. The test that is most known for scoring dexterity is EN:420, which measure by the smallest size object that can be picked off of a flat surface. The smaller the object, the higher the rating on a 1-4 scale.

Flame Resistance

Flame Resistant

Flame Resistance is comprised of 6 tests under EN:407 standards; resistance to: flammability, contact heat, convection heat, radiant heat, small splashes of molten metal and large splashes of molten metal. Each category of this test is measured and reported on a 1-4 rating (4 being most resistant).

In stock

This glove is built for heavy-duty production welding. The 212 ARC Premium MIG combines a unique blend of A grade leathers to produce one of the most comfortable/dexterous MIG gloves on the market. Its reinforced palm design allows you to weld longer while the hearty back of hand leather protects you from extreme heat. 


  • Reinforced Thumbsaddle 
  • Extended Reinforcement on Index Finger 
  • Kevlar® Threading Throughout Entire Glove
  • Open Cuff to Accommodate Fire-Resistant Sleeves and Jackets
  • Cotton Lined for Additional Heat Protection
Weight 1 lbs
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Colors White
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