AX360 Seamless Knit Cut 5 ARC Welding Gloves

Glove Safety Features

Abrasion Resistant

Abrasion Resistant 4

Abrasion Resistance is measured on a 1-4 scale (4 being most abrasion resistant). It is measure during the EN:388 test by rotating a flat surface against the material until the material is punctured.

Arc Flash Resistant

Arc Flash Resistant 4

Arc Flash is one of the most dangerous safety hazards on the job. Since arc flash deals with electrical hazards, it has different test for different glove materials based on possible conductivitiy. Before using any arc rated gloves, be sure to check out to learn more about these tests.

Anti Microbial

Anti Microbial

Anti Microbial keeps gloves from smelling bad. 212 makes several of their products with antimicrobial materials to avoid bacterial buildup and unpleasant smells and rashes.

Cut Resistance

Cut Level 5

Cut Resistance is the most talked about attribute when it comes to hand safety. Gloves are measured on a 1-5 scale (5 being most cut resistant) by EN standards and a 1-9 scale (9 being the most cut resistant) by ANSI/ISEA standards. For more info on cut resistance, see page 9 of the catalog.


Dexterity Level 2

Dexterity is the tactile sensitivity (or exibility) of a glove. In general, the thinner the glove, the more dexterity it has and the easier small objects are handled. The test that is most known for scoring dexterity is EN:420, which measure by the smallest size object that can be picked off of a flat surface. The smaller the object, the higher the rating on a 1-4 scale.

Flame Resistance

Flame Resistant

Flame Resistance is comprised of 6 tests under EN:407 standards; resistance to: flammability, contact heat, convection heat, radiant heat, small splashes of molten metal and large splashes of molten metal. Each category of this test is measured and reported on a 1-4 rating (4 being most resistant).

Impact Resistance

Impact Resistant

Impact Resistance is another popular and sometimes much needed attribute to hand protection. There are different impact standards that vary from industry to industry. If you need help identifying which type of impact level you need, contact the 212 experts to help you find the perfect form of protection.

Grip Level

Grip Level 4

Grip Level is conducted in house using a measured grip pressure and adding weight to the object being held. The more weight that can be held at the consistent pressure, the higher the rating of grip strength. We rate grip test on a 1-5 scale (5 having the most grip).

In stock

Arc flashes are one of the most dangerous safety hazards that exist today. The AX360 Seamless Arc provides the protection you need to keep you safe and working. Complete with an Arc 4 back of hand rating and a seamless design, this glove is a must have for your tool kit.


  • Arc 4 Back of Hand Protection
  • Fire Resistant Back of Hand Impact Protection
  • Neoprene/Nitrile Coating for Added Grip
  • Seamless Design for Ultimate Dexterity
  • Flexible Back of Hand TPR for Additional Dexterity
  • CPPT ’97 Level IV
  • ANSI A5 Cut Resistance
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