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  1. New! 212 Performance Military Gloves

    New! 212 Performance Military Gloves

    212 Performance was recently given an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some of our nation’s bravest individuals, members of our armed forces. The objective was simple; to create a glove that could withstand the brutal conditions these fearless individuals face on a day-to-day basis. Initially, this military segment had been constantly purchasing replacement gloves as those available to them were not able to withstand the wear-and-tear those service members required of their equipment. Working together, we identified unique solutions to address their specific needs and the issues they faced, all the while relishing in the opportunity to field test these gloves with them, side-by-side. You can imagine the shock on their faces when our gloves were withstanding the wear caused by hauling around rolls of razor wire, and when finished, were ready t

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  2. EN 388 Update

    EN 388 Update

    EN 388 Gets an Update

    This past year the European regulatory standard for the EN388 test, updated their cut resistance testing to include a new metric.

    Why the Change

    The main, driving reason for the update to the existing method has been the advances made in cut-resistant fabrics, particularly those that include steel or other hardened fibers that add strength to the fabric. These newer fabrics would often blunt the cutting edge of the rotary blades used by the Coup test resulting in far greater cut resistance results given due to the increased difficulty the blade had in subsequent cuts as the existing criteria had the same blade used repeatedly across multiple cuts.

    Thus some gloves would be rated for

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  3. New Gloves: Know What Welding Gloves to Buy

    New Gloves: Know What Welding Gloves to Buy

    Pick the Right Welding Gloves

    More than any other industry, having the right welding glove means more than just keeping your fingers and hands safe. Welding gloves can either help or hinder your ability to be productive and get work done.

    By welding's nature it is an industry that brings together several extremes that your hand protection needs to defend against. First and foremost is extreme heat both direct and radiant, then there's the often sharp and abrasive nature of the metals being worked on, and let's not forget about spattering droplets of molten metal that tend to burn holes through protective equipment.

    Our goal is to help protect you and your hands from these dangers with gloves that are comfortable to wear, increase your dexterity, and help you be more productive.

    Our Approach

    We have identified four of the most common problems with welding

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